Summary of some of the seedy practices of the Washington Post and Kaplan University

The modern Washington Post Company is a publicly traded company which derives 60% (or more) of its income from Kaplan University, a mostly on line for profit university.  Kaplan has been or is the subject of at least half -a dozen whistle blower lawsuits, one shareholder lawsuit, a federal government sting in Florida, and more […]

$1.6 million dollar settlement agreement entered into by the DoJ and Kaplan 'University', the blood bank for the Washington Post

The following is the Department of Justice’s announcement from July 22, 2011 that they have finally settled the qui tam suit with whistleblower and former employee, David Goodstein and one other whistleblower regarding the fraud called Kaplan University and in this case the ‘Surg Tech’ program which was the subject of the qui tam, or […]