The "London Whale" escapes harpooning

The Wall Street Journal reports former JPMorgan Chase employee Bruno Iksil will not be prosecuted by the Justice Department under Eric Holder. Surprised? In an article posted on the selective prosecution of Bradley Manning ( can add arch criminal Bruno Iksil to the list with the Isaias brother banksters out of Ecuador ( Too big to […]

Eric Holder's war on whistleblowers, political activists & journalists is antithetical to democracy and freedom

 Now that the spying on Americans has been thoroughly outed, this is being reposted for readers.  First publication June 1, 2013 Under Eric Holder, the Department of Justice has been employing dubious legal rationales to prosecute whistle blowers and political activists, not to mention to spy on journalists. The Espionage Act of 1917 has been […]

Ralph Lauren, Lauryn Hill and Lanny Breuer; The miseducation of the Department of Justice

Picture of George W. Bush’s niece, Lauren Bush, who was married to fashion icon Ralph Lauren’s son, David, back in August of 2011  at the Ralph Lauren Ranch  RALPH LAUREN The Ralph Lauren Company recently admitted to criminally violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, related to a subsidiary bribing customs officials in Argentina over a five year period. […]