VOICE OF DETROIT: The city's independent newspaper, unbossed and unbought

Picture of the march to save Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit Voice of Detroit is an independant news zine out of Detroit.  You can read more about Detroit teachers, schools, parents and the struggle to save public education from the pernicious privatizers. You can find them at:  http://voiceofdetroit.net/

Eating children: what Detroit teachers and students are saying

School is little more than a trauma unit now that the ruling elites have managed to derange the entire enterprise.  Of course obedience training and historical amnesia were always the capitalist curriculum but now the situation is so bad that education remains a preposterous illusion under the current material conditions of capitalist life.  See what […]

Wisconsin rallies, Detroit is next - Rally planned today and on February 23, 2011

Rally and March Wednesday February 23 Noon at the Michigan State Capitol Stop Emergency Financial Manager Dictatorships in Michigan! Defeat the New Jim Crow / House Bill 4214 ! Run Rob Bobb out of our State!  Save Public Education! Tell Snyder — Hell No More Budget Cuts!    Buses  to leave Northwest Activities Center at around 9 am; […]

Don't mourn, organize! Detroit looks to unseat the pro-business presidency of Keith Johnson, member of the billionaires boyz club and attache to Robert Bobb, Chief Financial Officer and paid supplicant of Eli Broad

Keith Johnson, current president of Detroit Federation of Teachers has sold his soul to the privatization establishment.  Detroit teachers fight for a straight slate to unseat him!  Picture of Keith Johnson, the rancid Randi Weingarten and Robert Bobb breaking bread and breaking teachers, students and the Detroit working class! Many of us have been writing […]

Detroit Teachers: DFT sponsored picket of Billionaire Boyz Clubs policies in Detroit Schools

Watch TV news coverage of last Monday’s DFT picket against House Bills 6576 - 79, at http://www.youtube.com/dftmembers.  The legislation was introduced November 17 by State Rep Durhal and Robert Bobb. It would eliminate class size caps and seniority, but only in those school districts in a financial deficit. The DFT voted to sponsor the picket […]

Detroit Teachers say 'NO' to privatization and a state takeovers of public schools

Picture of Robert Bobb, Chief Financial Administrator and Eli Broad henchman along with David Bing, conservative mayor of Detroit and an employee of corporate Houghton Mifflin discussing their privatization efforts.   Press Release                                      For Immediate Release Detroit Federation of Teachers Stop the Legislative Attack on Underfunded School Districts! Picket MI State Rep. Fred Durhal’s Detroit […]

Detroit: We Will Defend Public Education! We Will Defend Our Union!

  Defend Public Education / Save Our Students met on Friday as scheduled.  First we heard reports from the various schools represented.  We heard about the many teachers who have not received letters rescinding their layoffs and returning them to their schools.  We heard about Teach for America and others from outside DPS interviewing for Detroit teachers’ jobs at priority schools.  And […]

Detroit says no to the 'Gated' community of the privatizers

Detroit Teachers and the fight against Walton, Gates, the Skillman Foundation their tributaries, minnions and the awful historical agency of tallywhacker Robert Bobb Defend Public Education / Save Our Students will meet this Saturday at 4:30 pm at the Gracious Savior Church, 19484 James Couzens (northbound Lodge service drive north of Seven Mile Rd. in Detroit, MI).    All […]

Another Big School Anti-Privatization Victory today for teachers, students, parents, and the citizens of Detroit!

With the successful march on Washington, April 10, 2010 in front of Arne’s cubbyhole and the recent victories handed to BAM and Detroit Schools, Arne Duncan and his cronies must have their underwear in a knot. City by city they had been having their way but now that the forces, mostly made up of students and teachers, are standing up to Race to the Top and catching whiff of the negative consequences of the flawed policy, Duncan must feel frustrated.