Chicago Teacher Carrene Beverly-Bass explains why she joined the new civil rights movement   Chicago Teacher Carrene Beverly-Bass explains why she joined the new civil rights movement Detroit teachers need to join the movement, too, before it is too late. Start today! Begin by telling another teacher why they should vote for EON / BAMN in the November 19th DFT Officers Elections! Then tell them to join […]

Striking Detroit Water Employee Workers

PRESS RELEASE   The Executive Board of AFSCME Local 207 has voted not to end the strike until there is an agreement from DWSD management that there will be amnesty for all of the 34 fired workers, and that there will be no retaliation against any other workers or union officers. The power of our […]

AFSCME strike inn Detroit goes on! The Water Board

An Eye-Witness Report from the Local 207 AFSCME Strike Monday, October 1st The first and most important thing: the strike has NOT been called off and WILL CONTINUE in full force tomorrow, Tuesday, October 2nd. Where We Are Now A strike is a clash of two forces and a struggle for power. The moment that […]

BAMN: Catherine Ferguson Academy School in Detroit still struggling school closure

  If you have not heard of the Catherine Ferguson Academy School in Detroit, the attempt to close the school and the fight to keep it open which is now winning you should. I have written much about the issue at Daily Censored and you can  simply use our search engine and type in the name […]

Police Murder in Detroit! (Your World News Radio)‏ Please join us for an in-depth dialogue with journalist, activist, editor of the Pan-African Newswire, and historian Abayomi Azikiwe. However, if you cannot catch the show LIVE, it will be available on ARCHIVE simply by visiting: We will be discussing a range of current events throughout the world including, the recent Detroit Police […]

By Any Means Necessary and Detroit

By Any Means Necessary “By Any Means Necessary’ or BAMN, is by far the most progressive voice in the fight for public education, students, parents, teachers, student integration, desegregation, an end to racist school policies, and murderous privatization plans by the ruling class. I have written long and hard on BAMN and their efforts, […]

Arizona, Institutional Racism & Assimilation

Arizona, Institutional Racism & Assimilation By: Solomon Comissiong The Southwestern US state of Arizona has recently garnered a lot of public attention for its blatantly racist legislation. In April (2010) the closet racist governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, signed into law SB-1070. SB-1070 was paraded around by her administration as some sort of law aimed […]

Attack on Detriot Public Schools Continues!‏ Please join us this episode (May 13, 2010 at 7:30 PM EST) for our exclusive interview with Devon, a student activist from Detroit Michigan, as we talk about the continued attacks on his school system by corporations like Walmart and public officials who are doing their bidding. Devon has been working with the civil […]

Pass it on! Students and activists arrested at Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm's office over the decimation of public education in Detroit

  13 Arrested at Jennifer Granholm’s office in Lansing Michigan over public education and the wicked plans of Robert Bobb and his paymaster Eli Broad, the billionaire The Detroit News paper out of Lansing Michigan stated that two dozen demonstrators were staging a sit-in at the state Capitol today, May 12th,  to protest Robert Bobb’s […]