Iran, Israel, the USA and World Capitalism

By - John Reimann The turmoil over whether (or when) Israel and/or the US will attack Iran is far more than a conflict between the regimes of these nations, as important as that conflict may be; it contains within it, and it affects all the tensions and conflicts wracking world capitalism. This includes the ongoing economic […]

Environmental internationalism: Cuba’s new mission?

By Saul Landau and Nelson P. Valdés Since 1959 Cuba has played a significant world role, quite a feat for a nation of 5 million – 11 million now. Cubans have shown their values, commitment and solidarity in dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters around the world. Between 1960 and 2011, Cuba sent 45 […]


By Saul Landau and Nelson P. Valdés In 2012, the White House will focus on the most important of international and national issues: the re-election of the President. US-Cuba policy will fall into “Next Year’s” box – or the year after that. The National Security staff reverts to its familiar positions on relations with that […]

What IAEA reports on Iran’s nuclear energy/medicine, how US War Criminal 1% lie for war

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in their inspection role for compliance of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has their November 2011 report in similar misleading language as their February 2010 report. IAEA appears to be under the same political pressure to make a case for war on Iran that we witnessed before US armed attack of Iraq. US […]

Private ownership of the educational means of production

The language of double speak invented by those who own the means of educational production has now become the commercialized language of the masses. As technology in education progresses faster than the moral development of the social relations of educational production, we can expect that language will also change to reflect the commercialized interests of […]

Charter school capital projects: cashing in on kids

Investing hundreds of millions in new charter schools for 40,000 students nationwide is a huge goal and one born of a partnership between tennis pro and local charter-school developer Andre Agassi and Bobby Turner, chairman and chief executive of Canyon Capital Realty Advisors in Los Angeles.  According to their website: “Canyon Capital Realty Advisors LLC […]

Welcome to Wisconsin: Taking away 'public choice' in education, abdicating reasoning and critical thinking as necessities for creating the new neo-feudal economic arrangement

“And the Records Department, after all, was itself only a single branch of the Ministry of Truth, whose primary job was not to reconstruct the past but to supply the citizens of Oceania with newspapers, films, textbooks, telescreen programs, plays, novels — with every conceivable kind of information, instruction or entertainment, from a statue to […]

The US Needs to Tap into India’s educational market and other Foreign Markets to Bail-out its financially broken state colleges and universities

 As Anil Sadgopal, writer for Tehelka news out of India noted: “It is no mere coincidence that the only school President Obama will be visiting during his Indian trip will be a well-endowed private school in Mumbai. He did not opt to visit any of the 2,000 plus Bombay Municipal Corporation schools. This question may […]

“Top of the world, Ma”! Microsoft, Cisco and Intel target global education

Dateline: LONDON — Jan. 13, 2009   From - The Microsoft ‘news center’, little more than a corporate rag for Bill Gates and his prevarications and low-self esteem attacks on public education.  The ‘self-delusion center’ would be the best bet for such trash but this is the global economy, year 2010, and it resembles an episode […]

Carl Franzoni Davis: An oral history of the 1960's and the city of Cotati to be aired on Channel 30, public TV, and Channel 26 in Santa Rosa, California

The picture is of Vito, Leslie and Carl The musical ‘album’ entitled, ‘Freak Out!’ was a double LP by the Mothers of Invention.  The first song on the album, ‘Hungry Freaks, Daddy’, was written for someone named Carl Orestes Franzoni who, according to Zappa’s liner notes, “is freaky down to his toe nails (sic). Someday […]