For profit hospice care: Celtic Health Care

  The Washington  Post, formerly owned by Donald Graham, just published a story on how for profit hospices are ripping off Medicare , but the story neglects to mention  that former  owners of  the Washington Post  (especially, grimy Donald Graham) own a hospice company (Celtic Health Care).  Yep, Mr. ‘point and click’, the owner of […]

Privatizing Education in China The Politics eZine - Privatization

In this article Samuel Mao tracks the growth of neo-liberal education in China.  Since this time, the criminal syndicate and blood bank for the Washington Post, Kaplan University has made inroads into the country ( ( Kaplan University, as readers know, is one of the largest on-line educational rip-offs in the US and England and […]

Kaplan Kids becomes the Official Sponsor of Disney Live!!!!! Mickey's Music festival and Phineas and Ferb: The Best live tour ever

Premier Educational Provider Partners with the Premier Live Family Entertainment Producer to Support Family Events Nationwide from August 2012 to February 2013 You can’t make this stuff up and it is tough to even keep up with it in real time.  As I have written, Hollywood and the entertainment industry have been and will be entering […]

The Washington Post may soon "give up the ghost": company put on death watch list

Dateline, August 10, 2012 Reuters reported today that the stock rating agency, Moodys has downgraded the despicable Washington Post (WaPo) to baa1 stating the outlook is negative ( Moodys is owned by Warren Buffet who also owns 25% of the non-governing shares of the Washington Post company (WaPo). This is very bad news for the […]

Washington Post Reporter Allows College Officials to Alter Story on Controversial Test

When one thinks about the Washington Post these days they hardly think about Watergate and the Post’s alleged ‘glorious’ role in this poorly reported saga.  No, now one thinks of dictatorial control by the son of the Graham family, Donald Graham, alleged insider trading, millions spent on lobbying to thwart sensible regulations to control the […]

Does the Washington Post Company have its own hacking scandal?

On April 27, 2012 the article “Insider trading probe at University of Phoenix: Washington Post Company stock sales also seen as suspect “ was published on The article, which raised questions about stock sales by the Graham family, disappeared from Google search results less than 24 hours after it was published. Upon further […]