Bank of America, Too Bad To Succeed

Years ago I suggested that ALL foreclosures be stopped.  All properties should have been revalued at pre-bubble level, and then all loans renegotiated to keep people IN their homes.  The banks can only get out of the properties what they can get.  That is not much in a declining economy with unstable housing prices. Well, […]

Why we write: End Orwellian US economics and implement obvious solutions to unleash trillions of our dollars

source: Carl Herman, The central economic solution to unleash trillions of dollars for the US economy is simple:  Our Robber Baron-era monetary system must be recognized as a national “debt supply” that only profits the banks that create the debt. This Orwellian opposite of a national money supply must be ended. In addition, shocking […]

Could It Really Be That Easy?

The thing I like about the written word is that after you read it, it is still there.  I just heard a story on NPR that is so important and it was gone.  It was there for a moment and gone. A woman who has traveled in Afghanistan has written a book.  I didn’t get […]