Public Flagship University, The University of Maryland’s Public Workers rally with students to Demand Fair Treatment and Equal Rights

In a stunning show of courage, public workers from SB Local #1072 of College Park, Maryland at the University of Maryland rallied on April 13th to demand their rights and express their grievances.  Alongside them were university students, aligning their interests in tandem with those of the university public workers.  This is an important step […]

Representative Grayson: 85% of Congress funding endless US wars during US economic depression

source, with outstanding interview. The following 8-minute video by Dylan Ratigan of Congressman Alan Grayson is a brilliant discussion contrasting US “investment” of taxpayer money on endless and unlawful wars versus the dire condition requiring policy in the US economy.   The good news is the structural solutions are known for full employment, ending the […]

Cuckholded: Public Pension Plans the Next Big Bust

According to new research from the Kellogg School of Management, taxpayers, public workers and state and federal officials alike have cause for serious concern about an issue that often falls under the radar but poses serious risk to the future health of the national economy: state pension liabilities ( On May 19th, 2010 data was […]