Right-Wing High Jinks and Hypocrisy: HR 2018 and the Supreme Court

  When it comes to state’s rights and the environment, the Right-wing is all over the board on this issue. Two recent events illustrate this point, this month’s Supreme Court American Electric Power Company v. Connecticut decision and the Republican proposed bill HR 2018. Last week, writing on the citizen journalist website BrooWaha, retired attorney […]

What's it all about, Alfie?

It is not about spending.  But then we know that, look at the tax breaks for the super rich.  It is not about jobs because shutting down the government will KILL the economy.  So, what’s it all about, Alfie? Republicans are refusing to budge on these ideological demands: • No federal financing for Planned Parenthood […]

Radiation Detection Deception

This week, Project Censored was alerted, by a long time supporter, that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)  radiation watch site was down.  On Wednesday, Dr. Peter Phillips of Project Censored contacted the EPA, inquiring about the large number of downed radiation monitoring sites, known as RadNet. At first, the EPA was not able to respond […]

Snitch apps for your cell phone

There are now two ways for Americans to get involved in the war on terror and feel good about reporting their fellow Americans. DriveMeCrazy, developed by Shazam co-founder Philip Inghelbrecht, allows users to report drivers for numerous, minor infractions. The new Patriot App for the iPhone allows users to report anything they find suspicious. Charles […]