China begins to demand registration and real names from cell phone users

This week, China began demanding the real names of new users with a cell phone in an attempt to further reduce anonymity. Within three years, the real identities of all users must be registered with the government. Last month, China also required online gamers to register their real names in order to protect minors from […]

Everything is for sale!

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: August 22, 2010 Donor Pledges Dollars if Stephens College Workers Lose Pounds By Ilana Kowarski A Stephens College alumna has promised to give her alma mater $1-million, with one weighty condition: Employees of the women’s college in Columbia, Mo., must lose a total of 250 pounds by the stroke […]

There is a thing about "Opinions."

I have got to answer JFoster My mother warned me about arguing or discussing with certain kinds of people, but there was entirely too much disinformation in one comment to ignore.  And lastly, I have to say that people who think they know everything are a real pain in butt to those of us who […]