Hitting bottom at the top - White House forgets to lead on Haiti

People are dying in Haiti because they can’t get out, Dr. Green said. Shala Dewan, New York Times, January 29 Many of us wanted to think that the dreadful behavior during the Bush administration was some sort of aberration. We had a relatively clean election and ended up with a more intelligent and compassionate president […]

Obama Is More Boris Yeltsin Than An FDR

It hasn’t taken more than a few weeks to see the President Barack Obama is another rat, very similar to President George W. Bush. His policies are pretty much the same so far. Economically, the Elephant in the room with Donkey ears appears to be that Obama is continuing the Bush give away and swindle of the American people, presiding over the largest transfer of wealth to the elite classes since the Robber Barons had lands given to them for Railways. The US government has pledged 7.7 trillion to 8 trillion dollars of tax payers money to bailout financial interests. There is little or no transparency as to where the money is going. History may Judge President Obama’s reign more like Boris Yeltsin than Franklin Delonore Roosevelt. Yeltsin, you remember, presided over giving away the former Soviet Union’s wealth and resources to a handful of oligarchs. And by comparing FDR to Yeltsin, I’m not particularly praising Roosevelt. In the long view what FDR managed to do was wage Imperial war in which the USA expanded its empire by attacking the Japanese in the Pacific in order to preserve US Capitalism. Do we really want to get behind that crap? No! In an article for Bloomberg, some startling facts emerge about the current bailout rip off. The Federal Reserve lending in the US is now more than 1,900 times the weekly average in the three years before the crisis. The money that’s been pledged is equivalent to $24,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. The bailout is nine times what the US has spent so far on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that the transfer of wealth could pay off more than half the country’s mortgages! The level of fraud against the American people and deceit by US rulers, whether under Bush or Obama, reflects a deteriorating Capitalist system.

Please check out this article from November. Obama has only increased and continued the madness:


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-Bill Gibbons