We will win! Detroit

The story not told — 6/13/2010 By Shea Howell Special to the Michigan Citizen The story coming out of the mainstream media about the fate of Detroit Public Schools obscures the real lessons of a painful struggle that has torn through our city. The mainstream media story is that Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb made […]

Detroit, BAMN, mayoral control and the fight against the privatization of education

Readers: ‘By Any Means Necessary’  (www.bamn.com) is no doubt the most vibrant and militant mobilization of teacher, youth and community in the United States. Today, Sunday the 13th, De’Von Burt, the courageous high school student who I have interviewed and written about for Daily Censored was on Aljazeera English!  De’Von was interviewed by Aljazeera in […]

Oregon legislator reads CAFR, finds billions, ends budget deficit crisis; California can do same today

source with video. The below 2-minute video shows an Oregon legislator appropriately outraged to discover the Orwellian lie of omission that his state has available assets valued over ten times the budget deficit. This is true in every state; documented in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). When Democratic and Republican “leadership” states public goods and […]

News from Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit Federation of Teachers

Thursday Union Meeting!  Friday Court!  Saturday Meeting!  TIP $250 challenge rolls  forward! This is a huge week in the fight to save DPS and the DFT. Friday, 11: am.   Rob Bobb, the Financial Manager and bag-man for Eli Broad (the billionaire philanthro-capitalist bent on privatizing schools) and allm his plans for school privatization and school closures […]

Berkeley Unified School District staff recommends denying REALM charter a home

  Good News for Berkeley Residents: The staff recommendation of the Berkeley Board of Education is recommending the proposed REALM charter school be denied Readers might recall that the REALM charter school was proposed to the City of Berkeley and to the Berkeley School Board and then rapidly the petition was withdrawn.  You can read […]