Cancer corporations Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta put under the critical lens of scrutiny in award winning film

I have written, as have many, many others have about genetically modified foods and the cancer corporations called Monsanto, DuPont, and Syngenta which are determined to kill the earth and its inhabitants. In preparation for the GLOBAL MARCH AGAINST GEOENGINEERING AND CHEMTRAILS to take place on AUGUST 25th, 2013, you are invited to watch Gary […]

Fukushima Forever: Food Safety and Government Failings

On Saturday June 18, the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPO) which operates the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plants, released a new report admitting the plant was grossly unprepared for the disaster. The report states workers had to borrow air compressors, batteries, and cables from local contractors all the while scavenge for protective gear and emergency manuals […]

The Liberal Dilemma

Everyday the Republicans come up with another way to put the screws to the middle class and the poor.  You see, right here is a dilemma.  The differentiation between the middle class and the poor, or lower class, has all but disappeared.  Or, perhaps the idea of a middle class has all but disappeared and […]

Does an heir of Goebbels measure Cuban failure?

The United States slogs through its worst crisis since the Great Depression, but some editorial writers in leading newspapers practice denial of their reality and focus instead on Cuba’s “failed socialist system.” I wonder if these opinion crafters who specialize in fostering illusions, berating enemies and spreading denial studies at the secret Joseph Goebbels Propaganda […]


CENSORED IN 1976: COSMETICS MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH In 1975, American consumers spent $6,728,270,000 on cosmetics and toiletries. And while millions of these consumers were using these cosmetics and toiletries daily, few of them were aware of how hazardous they may be to their health. Author/researcher Chris Welles states “The awful truth is […]

Poverty and Unemployment Equal Misery In America

The following is an outstanding review of the current economic conditions in the US from the World Socialist Web Site. The information is accurate and disturbing.  Peter Phillips New Year in America: A portrait of social misery By Tom Eley 5 January 2010 The new decade finds the US working class suffering a level of […]

Censored 2010 Book Release Celebration & Awards Party

December 5, 2009 Open invitation to all Project Censored Students, Interns, Alumni, Authors, and Supporters. Join Project Censored in celebrating the release of Censored 2010, Peter Phillips’s final yearbook, co- edited by Mickey Huff.  Meet Ben Frymer, the new director of Project Censored and Carl Jensen, our founder. Good food, beer, wine and Great conversation. […]

The food in your cupboard

Unfortunately, I like to eat.  I mean, I really, really like to eat.  And, I like to eat some of the stuff that everyone tells you is not good for the body, soul, mind, or planet.  I’m changing my ways, or at least trying to, partly because the last few years I’ve spent looking at […]

Whole Foods CEO Editorializes: People Don't Have A Right To Health Care, Food or Shelter

Revolution Newspaper mentions this snippet: “In the health care debate, John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods) raised up a storm among liberals last week with his op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal. Among Mackey’s cold-blooded comments, he pointed out: “Health care is a service that we all need, but just like food and shelter […]

Rising Food Cost Pushes another 40 Million into Hunger

United Nations reports show a remarkable increase in those who are forced into hunger. Article and Transcript below via Democracy Now The United Nations is warning rising food prices are pushing more people into hunger worldwide. A new report from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization says another 40 million people became “food insecure” this […]