IRS Examining Charter Schools and the for-profit tax consulting firms are rubbing their hands in delight

Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP has a team of attorneys dedicated to serving all aspects of charter school operations, from formation, to tax qualification, to charter school financing, to personnel and operational issues. A reader sent the following article about IRS scrutiny of the financial management of charters, especially for-profit management companies. Alert: Increased […]

The financialization of education: the next economic crisis

Sometimes one cannot believe the news, not for fear of it being misinformation or disinformation, but for the startling and unsettling horror stories that appear more than occasionally these days.  This one is especially morbid. Marian Wang, a reporter for Nation for Change, wrote an excellent article about a grieving father and his struggles to […]

Private Equity firms practice torture dentistry on four year olds: Poverty is big business had an incredible story on May 17th and if you haven’t seen it you should.  You can find it at:  Unbelievable fraud, pain and torture, using children as commodities to profit private equity investors are all detailed in this incredible story of late stage capitalism and the culture of parasitic cruelty that accompanies […]

Testimonial of a for-profit college student: For-profit colleges answer to a dream come true or a nightmare?

The following is from a former student at Kaplan University.  Dear Mr. Weil  If you are able to can you please read the attachment I sent along and give me your honest opinion. I am a former student of Kaplan University and needless to say they really took me for a very long and painful […]

The military industrial complex speaks out in favor of the private ownership of the means of educational production

According to the Career College Association, a leading lobby group for the for-profit universities that operate like predator drones: “The avalanche of support continues, this time from Brig. Gen. John Castellaw, former deputy commandant of the Marine Corps for programs and resources: “For-profit schools are often the best choice for veterans. Years ago, I attended […]