Memorializing Freedom Fighters & Liberation Struggles‏ Please join us for an important and electric discussion around freedom, liberation, self determination and resistance. We will be paying memorial honor to various freedom fighters and activists! Naturally this show will also delve into imperialism, colonization, and numerous forms of slavery (mental, physical, economic, etc). As always we will offer up critical analysis […]


(THE MENTAL BLINDNESS CAUSED BY BRAINWASHING) Politicians will call it “Education”, but it only is a conditioning of the human mind, to stop it thinking for itself. Before anything, I need to explain that I have nothing personal against Barack Obama. I know he is only the “spokesman” for the elite that runs the world and not […]

Cuban Five Birdman of Victorville

We are posting this human interest story to alert readers about the continuing plight of the Cuban Five freedom fighters locked away in US Federal Prisons for conducting anti-terrorism actions to protect their homeland. On December 8, two of the Cuban five will be resentened in Miami Federal Court This is How it All Began […]