Don't be relieved that the TSA is pulling its scanners

Last week, numerous news reports stated that the TSA was pulling its controversial full body scanners. Many people assumed this meant they were going to be removed completely. This is not what is happening. The TSA actually stated in October 2012 that they would only be removing the backscatter scanners and not the millimeter wave […]

TSA removes backscatter scanners from major airports

Many are cheering the fact that the TSA has begun moving backscatter scanners from major airports around the country, but it isn’t all good news. These scanners are being moved to smaller airports and aren’t being mothballed as most had hoped. The larger airports are also getting the millimeter wave scanners, leading some to believe […]

The new call for full body scanners

No one really wanted full body scanners. There were numerous talks of invasions of privacy and viable cases of abuse of that privacy. Today, however, the pantsbomber has made that discussion return to the forefront, with many people readily giving up their privacy because they now feel that the government knows what they’re doing. For […]