Superman or Kryptonite?—Legend of the Fall, pt. V

The celebrity tour continues, and this time it is Geoffrey Canada on The Colbert Report where celebrity reformer Michelle Rhee revealed her lack of historical perspective and expertise concerning education. Canada made his second appearance with Colbert, but this time he comes in as the face on the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ)—mislabeled as a “miracle” […]

Our Faith in a "Culture of Poverty" Never Left

In her “‘Culture of Poverty’ Makes a Comeback” for The New York Times (17 October 2010), Patricia Cohen declared: “Now, after decades of silence, these scholars are speaking openly about you-know-what [the ‘culture of poverty’], conceding that culture and persistent poverty are enmeshed.” While Cohen’s article accurately reflects a scholarly re-examination of claims that a […]