Toronto Board and Media Kick Off the “Choice” Campaign

By George Thompson A number of factors paved the way for the Ontario government to launch its new “choice” campaign with the announcement of both gender segregated and magnet schools on March 26th through Chris Spence, the Toronto school board director and through the Toronto Star, which has become the mouth of the Liberal Party. […]


By Guest Blogger George Thompson Numerous corporations such as Microsoft and ETS (Education Testing Service) use philanthropy to influence education policies in such a way as to create demands for their products. To take but one example of how this works, consider how Pearson PLC, is expanding its current markets through the push for national […]

Alberta’s “Choice” Program Starts to Close Public Schools, but Still No Word on Privatization

By Guest Blogger George Thompson, Although it is clear that “parental choice” has always been the number one lever of education privatization in America, it is much too early for it to be exposed or discussed in the Canadian context, where strong public systems of education and other essential services such as health care have always […]


By guest blogger George Thompson Just as the mainstream media ramped up anti-terrorism fear to justify invading Iraq and Afghanistan, the same could be said of the campaign to generate distrust of teachers’ unions in order to justify further privatization in both the US and Canada. Indeed, as the main opponent of privatization, teachers’ unions […]

Canadian Council on Learning to be Replaced by More Business Focused Think-Tank

By guest blogger George Thompson The Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) has provided precisely the kind of alignment desired by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, a globalization think-tank which is responsible for the “raise the bar” and “close the gap” propaganda used to pressure governments into the public-private “partnership” model in most of […]

Ontario Teachers’ Federation Hires Lorna Earl Despite Conflict Of Interest

By Guest Blogger George Thompson OTF, the umbrella group for Ontario’s teacher unions has recently hired Lorna Earl, despite the fact that her conflict of interest case has yet to be resolved. The contract, given to her by OTF with money paid by the Ministry to survey teachers about “assessment”, would seem to represent yet another obvious […]

A PERFECT STORM: Massive Ontario School Closures Seen as “Opportunity” by Privatizers

By Guest Blogger George Thompson Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, outlines how “disaster capitalism” is geared to quickly take advantage of crises as opportunities to expand areas of profitable corporate activity. She cites how the New Orleans crisis brought about by Hurricane Katrina was instantly seized upon as an opportunity to replace public schools with […]