Chechnya 101

Below is an excellent 60 minute interview with FBI translator and whistle blower Sibel Edmonds. In it she provides extensive background on the cold war CIA/NATO Gladio Operation, which apparently never ended in Turkey and the Caucasus. This background is essential in understanding how the CIA came to fund Islamic jihadists in the breakaway republic […]

Georgia professors blast teacher evaluation system

Valerie Strauss, reporter for the Washington Post wrote:   “First it happened in New York, then Illinois and now Georgia. Professors from colleges and universities in Georgia have written an open letter to the governor, Nathan Deal, and other officials involved with education policy to express opposition to a new teacher evaluation system that depends […]

"Georgia on my mind"

Georgia: The “pillory and the stocks” as math standards “In smaller cities and in the American colonies, the pillory was less common. Typically a person on public display was placed in the stocks. The stocks usually involved a yoke for the feet that was anchored to the ground. Sometimes a neck and hand yoke were […]

New Loan-Guarantee Bailout for New Nuclear Reactors Puts U.S. Taxpayers at Risk

Department of Energy Hands Over Billions of Dollars to ‘Poster Child for Cost Overruns’ Nuclear Power Industry is Perfect Illustration of Why Taxpayers Are Saying “No More Bailouts!” - Billions for Plant Vogtle Reactors Impossible to Justify in Terms of Rising Financial Risks, Reduced Demand for Power, Cheaper Renewables and Huge Potential of Energy Efficiency […]

Conundrums and International Business

I do not think it is any coincidence that Intel has settled an anti-trust case by agreeing to pay rival chip maker, AMD, $1.25 billion and Apple just notified me that it was finally shipping my new 27” iMac with the Intel Quad core chip in it.  I cannot tell you how happy I am […]