Global youth unemployment: The lost generation and surplus labor

( May 1st 2013, 19:35 by NEARLY a quarter of the world’s young people are economically inactive - not in employment, education or training. Failing to employ the young today damages growth now and in the future….. But the Economist misses the fact that rising surplus labor, those that do not work, is connected […]

The Origins of the “Global Warming” Scare

When it comes to corporate media, environmentalists and dissidents are quick to look for hidden agendas, which is valuable for posing critical questions and avoiding lockstep acceptance of establishment memes. However when it comes to media and movements that present themselves as “green” or “progressive” the skepticism seems to evaporate even when those entities are […]

Climate Talks Fail without proper Leadership

Paging Obama… Hopefully the past 8 years of Bush complacency towards Global Warming will evaporate like an ice berg he helped melt. As the world waits for a clear leader in this cause, President elect-Obama has shown a willingness to take some much needed steps.       Democracy Now The twelve-day international climate conference […]