Deadline: Detroit, Michigan - Sit in at Governor Jennifer Granholm's office tomorrow at 10:30 AM! BAMN fights for public education

Sit-in at Michigan Governor Jenniffer Granholm’s Office on May 12th!  Walk-out by Detroit high school students on May 18th Readers of Daily Censored know that they can get the most up to date news on the fight against the privatization of education at this site.  No where more than Detroit can one see the actual […]

Public Humiliation of Children as Education Policy

Once again Paul A. Moore says it quite succinctly in what follows in his essay on Florida and the FCAT tests. The new assembly line of despair we now call education in this country is exposed in dynamic terms by Paul for what it is — a nightmarish form of Dickensian public policies that harken […]

Holding the bosses accountable: critical thinking and democracy as Detroit working families confront Robert Bobb

Holding the bosses accountable: What follows below is a question and answer period with Robert Bobb, the Eli Broad graduate who is running or ‘ruining’ Detroit schools. Take a look at what happens when truth speaks to power!

You Can Grade Bush

MSNBC is asking people to grade Bush.  Currently, with 43,237 responses, 33% have given Bush a “C” grade or better while 60% have given him a failing grade.  Take a minute to give Bush the grade that you think he deserves.