Who bombed Judi Bari? It wasn't the government

Picture of Judi Bari’s car after it was bombed A new film produced by Darryl Cherney that white washes the entire Judi Bari saga is out and is being shown next weekend in Sonoma County. Darryl is claiming that he wants an investigation of the 22 year old bombing when in fact he is someone […]


‘Are our soldiers seeing too much combat?’ as one retired military general asked after the most recent Afghan massacre of 16 civilians. How much combat – organized and spontaneous killing, destruction – is too much? Enough so that US killing in Afghanistan is just short of being caught massacring civilians? Enough so that anyone any […]

University of Maryland plans $7.2 million president’s mansion while employees suffer sexual abuse, low wages and students face massive tuition increases and spiraling debt

The “University House” at the University of Maryland is scheduled to open this fall.  Also known as the University of Maryland’s president’s house, the new mansion will have two separate sections: one wing will contain a 4,000-square-foot private residence with four bedrooms that will cost about $2 million. The other wing of the mansion will […]

"Can Anyone Create A Job?" the NYT asks.

The NY Times is going to write a five part series on whether anyone can create a job. I have answered the question in 5 paragraphs… When asking the question, “can anyone create jobs,” the answer is simple. Yes, you just hire someone and “poof,” there it is- a job. There is all this talk […]

How safe is safe, or what's going on in your back yard?

This started with a young kid on my local NPR station discussing whether we can afford to consider tightening safety requirements on nuclear power stations because the requirements may make them to expensive to build.  The stations we have were built to withstand what we thought, at the time, would be the worst possible scenario.  […]

When An Economic Advantage Isn’t

Say you want to build a house. You sit down and figure out how much it will cost you to do it all yourself.  You are a carpenter and pretty good at what you do.  You could dig the footings for the house, but there are rocks and roots.  It is easier to hire a […]

Fox News blasts protestors in Wisconsin

Image: 47whitebuffalo’s Blog49tweetsretweet By: Jason Easley Fox News’ legal analyst Peter J. Johnson attacked the Wisconsin protesters as vile, “I mean this is really vile, in my view. What is this Facebook central? They’ve covered the capitol with posters on the walls. They’re sleeping on the floors. Do you think there’s enough restrooms in the […]

Econ 101

What it will take to improve the economy is something that would have been difficult before and impossible now.  It will take a stimulus bill of such massive proportions that it would never get through the house.  Giving tax breaks to businesses or rich people won’t do it.  The rich people will simply put the […]

Echoes of Rodney King: LAPD's Finest Attack a Family Birthday Party

By Dennis Bernstein July 27, 2010 The Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Division, made famous by the videotaped beating of Rodney King almost two decades ago, has been caught in action again – this time on a cell-phone video – breaking up a family birthday party in Pacoima, California. The Baro family of Mexican immigrants […]