Northwestern High School students in DC stage walkout and receive five day suspensions

    The Fightback, out of Washington D.C. reported March 14th, 2012 that Northwestern High School Principal Edgar Batenga gave five-day suspension to four students, and possibly shorter suspensions to others, for their alleged role in organizing an attempted walkout on March 1, which was billed as a National Day of Action to Defend Public Education. In a flier […]

The Heartland Institute: Leaked Document Details “Operation Angry Badger” in Wisconsin

According to journalist Bill Glauber of the Journal Sentinel out of Wisconsin, a Chicago-based free-market think tank has prepared a strategy to sway the recall debate in Wisconsin in favor of Governor Walker and the reactionary corporatists.  This includes detailing “the shortcomings of public schools,” according to leaked documents that appeared this week on the […]

Students facing class shortages at the public community colleges while the for-profit drive-by colleges move in for the kill

Elizabeth Bucher, 19, who is attending a California community college in Sonoma County (Santa Rosa Junior College), did all she could to get into Biology 2.1 this semester, the last class she needed to transfer to UC Davis.  The problem is that the classes were full and the seats were not available.  The students were […]

Fraud, lies and cheating among British parents to get their kids in coveted primary schools

 Andrew Hartman, who teaches history at Illinois StateUniversity, had a brilliant piece in the Washington Post regarding Teach for America (TFA), the reserve labor army for the capitalist class in their effort to destroy teacher unions and the teaching profession.  Although the discussion centered around TFA, Hartman did comment about the rampant cheating on test […]

Charter school capital projects: cashing in on kids

Investing hundreds of millions in new charter schools for 40,000 students nationwide is a huge goal and one born of a partnership between tennis pro and local charter-school developer Andre Agassi and Bobby Turner, chairman and chief executive of Canyon Capital Realty Advisors in Los Angeles.  According to their website: “Canyon Capital Realty Advisors LLC […]

Indiana charter schools fail to succeed

  The charter school hype never ceases to bear bitter fruit.  Take the state of Indiana.  Nearly 23,000 students attend 62 tuition-free, public charter schools in Indiana.  Under Indiana law, the mayor of Indianapolis can authorize charter schools and he has sponsored about 20. Another three are authorized by traditional public schools in Lafayette and […]

We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control

Hands Down: Banishing questioning from schools “All and all you’re just another brick in the Wall” What is deemed a ‘Classroom Experiment’ in England, using methods that were tested on 25 pupils at Hertswood school in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire for one term has come to the lofty conclusion that students achieve better results when they keep […]

Race to the Top: coming to a community college near you

According to a viewpoint found in InsideHigher Ed, an online newsletter, entitled Missing the Point, by  Anthony P. Carnevale , Michelle Melton and Laura Meyer the for-profit college industry is taking fire from all directions because a substantial number of for-profit colleges offer aggressively marketed programs of little value in the job market, leaving individuals […]

“Top of the world, Ma”! Microsoft, Cisco and Intel target global education

Dateline: LONDON — Jan. 13, 2009   From - The Microsoft ‘news center’, little more than a corporate rag for Bill Gates and his prevarications and low-self esteem attacks on public education.  The ‘self-delusion center’ would be the best bet for such trash but this is the global economy, year 2010, and it resembles an episode […]

Drive-by predatory colleges put students into debt purgatory and deficits into the stratosphere

Even the supplicant Wall Street Journal can’t turn their head from the crime scene.  If you get under the yellow tape and put on your forensic gloves you will find that Americans now owe more on their student loans than their credit cards and this bodes very badly for both working students and society as […]