Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated by US government agents: only trial ruling and family conclusion

engage in comments and view video at source. On April 4, 1968, US government assets murdered Dr. Martin Luther King. This is the conclusion of the civil trial jury from the King family wrongful death suit. The King family and Dr. King’s friend and attorney, Dr. William Pepper, conclude that the assassination motivation for the […]

CNN shamelessly propagandizes Iranian rumors with same lies that preceded unlawful War of Aggression with Iraq

comments and video at source. The CNN headline: U.S. official says intel suggests Iran plans to ship arms to Taliban, followed by the leading “information”: Washington (CNN) — New U.S. military intelligence suggests Iran plans to smuggle new shipments of weapons into Afghanistan in the coming weeks as part of an increased effort to interfere […]

Carl Herman podcast: explaining the evidence of Iraq war were all known lies; war is clearly unlawful

engage with Operation Mockingbird agent comments at source. James Fetzer interviewed me on his radio show and podcast, The Real Deal, to walk Americans through the disclosed evidence for war with Iraq to demonstrate beyond doubt that claims for war were all known as false at the time they were told to the American public. […]

BEND OVER, They are doing it again.

The states are in trouble because no one is working and their revenue stream has dropped at a time the demand on their services has increased. “In the scramble to find something, anything, to generate more revenue, states are considering new taxes on virtually everything: garbage pickup, dating services, bowling night, haircuts, even clowns.”  DO […]

Ron Paul: Oath to US Constitution rejected by both parties’ “leadership.” US revolution near?

please feel free to go to the source to engage with government PSYOPS/COINTELPRO/Operation Mockingbird disinfo agents who attack my articles: http://www.examiner.com/x-18425-LA-County-Nonpartisan-Examiner~y2010m2d27-Ron-Paul-Oath-to-US-Constitution-rejected-by-both-parties-leadership-US-revolt-coming Congressman Ron Paul spoke on the House floor for 5-minutes on US policy to assassinate US citizens at the dictate of the executive branch based on “secret evidence,” US policy of torture that includes […]

Charter Schools segregate but more than this they also feed into societal dis-association, disunity and work to vitiate the values we need to build a coherent movement to challenge corporatocracy

This is why I posted the photo I did of a 1950’s class for my article on education. See the picture? All white. Pre-Brown v. Board of Education implementation.
Charter schools, as I and many others have argued for years, is not only a return to Plessy v. Ferguson and a repeal of Brown v. Board of Education, they and those who promote them (the oliarchic shadow government of Gates, Walton Family, Broad, et. al.) promise to destroy public education in entirety and this is the point: without a public we cannot grow the essential moral values such as solidarity, diversity appreciation, equitable opportunities and participatory democracy. Why? Simple, they are privatized enclaves of a “pull-out” society and thus they work to vitiate the above values not support them. They represent ‘hand to hand combat’ in an effort to get an education and not a very good one at that.

Poverty and Unemployment Equal Misery In America

The following is an outstanding review of the current economic conditions in the US from the World Socialist Web Site. The information is accurate and disturbing.  Peter Phillips New Year in America: A portrait of social misery By Tom Eley 5 January 2010 The new decade finds the US working class suffering a level of […]


CENSORED IN 1978:         WHO OWNS AMERICA? THE SAME OLD GANG!          The number ten censored story of 1978 revealed an alarming disparity of wealth in America. Some of the statistics showed that only four percent of America’s population have estates worth $60,000 or more. Nine out of ten adults could pay their debts, sell […]