Indestructible! Nothing Can Stop it! The Bubble

In 1958, The Blob – a gelatinous B-movie creature from outer space  – crash landed in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania consuming whatever poor screaming extra happened to be directed into its path. “Devoid of personality and intelligence,” The Blob expanded relentlessly in Cold War America, moving from the screen to the our “popular consciousness,” becoming something of […]

200 miles an hour, really?

I designed my new house to withstand a category 5 hurricane.  If a Hurricane Andrew came through I would probably survive.  But a Tuscaloosa or a Joplin tornado, how do you design for that?  I know my house can take gusts and perhaps sustained 155 mph wind, but 200 mph wind? There was a governmental […]

Our Debate Culture—Someone Wins, but Never the Truth

Recently, a colleague asked a few other professors and me to participate in a student debate as part of his first year seminar. Our role in the debate was to evaluate the debate, and of course, choose a winning side. During the debate, I came to recognize something about the debate itself, the college freshmen […]

I attended a Conservative 9/11 event with “US wars are unlawful” flyers; here's what happened. 5 of 6

source: Carl Herman, This article series explains what happened when I interacted with participants of a 9/11 event to welcome home US soldiers and honor the victims of 9/11, then provides the e-mail exchange with the sponsoring group’s leadership. Consistent with my last two years of writing articles to explain, document, and prove current […]