Internet Noir: Confession from a hired internet shill/troll

Readers might know that has been hacked at least twice, very severely.  Once, last year after articles appeared about criminal Kaplan University, blood bank for the Washington Post.  Again, just a few weeks ago after articles appeared about the NSA and their devious Orwellian repressive apparatus. We do not know who is responsible, but […]

Google pushing users to use real names on YouTube

If you ever have the desire to make a comment on YouTube, Google has now implemented a new popup box that urges you to use your real name instead of whatever name you registered with when you signed up to YouTube. If you refuse to use your real name, you are no longer allowed to […]

New list of words used online that will make you a target for DHS

After a hearing in the House of Representatives, the Department of Homeland Security was forced to release their list of hundreds of words that will trigger analysts to monitor behavior online. Naturally, the list contains words such as Al Qaeda, terrorism, and bomb, but there are some rather odd, yet interesting words as well. For […]


“Amuck,” a place to which we have truly run.   A first grader got arrested and put in Juvie because his mom sent along a dinner knife with his birthday cake so the teacher could cut pieces of it for his classmates.  Now the little guy is suffering PTSD for the nights he spent there.  Adolescents […]

Do we really need driver's licenses for the Internet?

Cyber attacks are on the rise and everyone who connects to the internet needs to educate themselves in possible attacks and be diligent in keeping them at bay. The International Telcommunications Union, a UN agency, believes that the only way to do this is to require a type of driver’s license for anyone who wishes […]

China is not the only Censored Country

President Barrack Obama has recently asked the Chinese government to relax their grip on internet access. It seems that many high ranking Chinese officials are concerned that their own citizens might find something less than favorable about happenings in Beijing on the web – either that or President Obama wants the Chinese people to see […]

Mother Jones Asks: 'Should Obama Control The Internet?!' New Bill Would Give President Authority to Halt Web Traffic

Senator John Rockefeller is one of the fellows who has introduced a bill to establish an arm of the executive branch to be called ‘The Office of National Cyber Security Advisor.’ It would be like an office of Homeland Security for the Internet and would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic supposedly […]