Why privacy matters

In today’s every connected world, it is of the utmost importance that everyone remain vigilant when safeguarding their privacy and identity. If this does not happen, then invasions of privacy and identify theft are more likely to occur. This happened to me recently at work. If I were a less honest person, I could have […]

Facebook's ever changing privacy policies

I’m not upset that I deleted my Facebook page. I never really got much out of it and I felt like I was constantly spending time on Facebook just fixing the privacy settings that were always changing. Now comes details that Facebook is planning on invading the privacy of its users further by making available […]

The new call for full body scanners

No one really wanted full body scanners. There were numerous talks of invasions of privacy and viable cases of abuse of that privacy. Today, however, the pantsbomber has made that discussion return to the forefront, with many people readily giving up their privacy because they now feel that the government knows what they’re doing. For […]