Washington Post closes scandal plagued school while NY Times declares for profit colleges a fraud and a swindle

    On Feb 28, 2012  The Washington Post Company announced  Kaplan University’s Pembroke Pines, Florida campus will be closing. The Pembroke Pines school made national news in August 2010 when it was one of fifteen for profit college campuses caught engaging in deceptive recruiting practices in a GAO sting.   http://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2012/02/28/kaplan-college-closing-pembroke-pines.html     The Pembroke  Pines campus  […]

Accreditation withdrawn for Kaplan College's $42,000 radiography program

On Dec 20, 2011 a letter was sent to Kaplan College in North Hollywood California informing them that accreditation for their radiography certificate program was being involuntarily withdrawn by JRCERT, the national accrediting body for radiography training programs. Kaplan was one of only 5 programs in 2011 to be subject to involuntary withdrawal of accreditation. […]

”Setting the record straight": Washington Post subsidiary disseminates misleading information

  Washington Post subsidiary Kaplan Higher Education recently surrendered its license to operate a dental assisting educational program in Charlotte, North Carolina after they were exposed misleading students about the accreditation status of the program.  As I wrote in the story I broke for Truthout the Washington Post corporation that owns Kaplan entered into settlement with students for […]

At for-profit colleges the poor pay more

Kaplan University  charges the following populations different amounts for a 180 quarter unit Bachelor of Science degree: $30,000 for active duty military, $41,000 for veterans, $50,000 for international students and $68,000 for low income Title IV eligible students.   Why do the poor pay more? Kaplan blames it on a government regulation called the 90/10 […]

Summary of some of the seedy practices of the Washington Post and Kaplan University

The modern Washington Post Company is a publicly traded company which derives 60% (or more) of its income from Kaplan University, a mostly on line for profit university.  Kaplan has been or is the subject of at least half -a dozen whistle blower lawsuits, one shareholder lawsuit, a federal government sting in Florida, and more […]

Kaplan University feeds off taxpayers in myriad ways

I know that I have devoted a great deal of time covering Kaplan University.  The crime syndicate continues to bob its head in the frothy sea of neo-liberal economics on a daily basis and little is covered in mainstream corporate press.  For example, according to the Orlando Business Journal, Florida has issued $1.7 billion in […]