The Death of Capitalism

The Death of Capitalism: Birth of a New Society By: Solomon Comissiong One does not have to be a doctor, or play one on TV, to understand that in order to have a chance at eradicating any malady from the body you must find its root cause. The physician must figure out what is causing […]

Wages, Prices and Profits

(Note: This title is borrowed from Karl Marx, who wrote a brilliant piece of this same title. Likewise for much of the content. I don’t think old Karl would mind. As the postal worker told the poet in the film “Il Postino”: “Poems don’t belong to those who write them; they belong to those who […]

Lost in the Shuffle - A Marxist Analysis of the Economic Crisis

From the far right to the radical left, all sorts of analyses of the ongoing economic crisis have been put forward. These range from the claim on the far right that too many poor people were allowed to buy houses to the claim that the mere existence of the Federal Reserve Bank (the “Fed”) is […]

The food in your cupboard

Unfortunately, I like to eat.  I mean, I really, really like to eat.  And, I like to eat some of the stuff that everyone tells you is not good for the body, soul, mind, or planet.  I’m changing my ways, or at least trying to, partly because the last few years I’ve spent looking at […]