Educating WaPo on LAPU, Open Letter with Resources for Jay Matthews

“Soviet style elections” — Ben Austin in response to parents and communities choosing community school plans over corporate charters. The Washington Post’s Jay Matthews is a education columnist, who with absolutely no sense of irony, maintains a blog entitled “Class Struggle.” I mention the irony since Matthews is a pro-charter-voucher corporatist, who has never seen […]

US Labor Against the War supports call for March Strike and Day of Action to Defend Public Education

It is heartening to see that many educational and campus service unions (including USLAW affiliates) have joined in unity, and that support is growing into a nationwide call for coordinated actions.
Cuts to funding for education and other health and human services are evident throughout the country, leading to layoffs, furlough days, and the loss of health, shelter, and lives.

Things are heating up this week in struggles around public higher education in California.

Below are two events happening Tues., Dec. 15th. While both are in the Bay Area, the notice of the UC action says informational picketing will take place on all UC campuses. And it’s likely that actions may be slated for other community colleges. So if you’re not near the Bay Area, look for what’s up in your area.

Karoshi and the Economic Crisis

The concept of karoshi, a Japanese word that translates to “death from overwork” has gained notoriety throughout both hemispheres during the economic powerhouse decades of the eighties in Japan and the nineties in America. The first case reported came in 1969 from the shipping department of Japan’s largest national newspaper, where a 29 year old […]

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education Representatives of the US capitalist class used to be famous for stomping all over the world, putting their feet up on other’s desks and, cigar in mouth, handing orders down to their counterparts in other countries. At home, they believed that there was no labor problem that could not […]

The Dark Side Of Dairies: A Broken System That Leaves Workers Invisible-And In Danger

Dairy industry workers face daily dangers from injury and illness on the job.  Seven out of one hundred dairy workers were injured on the job in 2007, which is nearly double the normal injury rate for all private industries. Additionally, dairy workers breathe air laced with bacteria and manure dust, putting them at high risk […]