The federal government is violating the First Amendment and the Separation of Powers under the False Claims Act: the role of the neo-liberal state apparatus in aiding and abetting corporate America

Readers hopefully have read the article by whistle blower, David Goodstein, entitled “So you want to blow your whistle: Confessions of a whistle blower (  David Goodstein is the courageous whistleblower who came forward to denounce the sordid practices of for-profit predatory college, Kaplan University.  Mr. Goodstein filed a legal case against Kaplan through the […]

Moving like a cancer — 'free schools' and 'free markets' - dateline England

England ponders ‘free schools’  The mad dash to reform education is not limited to that which parades here in America as educational reform.  In England, plans are being made to allow schools to open in office buildings, or hospitals to be converted into schools.  In Sweden this is already the case (Sweden has seen many […]