What does monetary & credit freedom look like?

This is my paper for The Center of Process Studies’ conference, Money-Creation in a Finite World (free and open to the public, April 10-12, 2012; Claremont Colleges, CA): Money and credit as public services for full-employment, optimal infrastructure, ending debt slavery:Epic proponents, related history of US government and corporate media, partnership for Occupy victory It’s divided into these […]

Upcoming Cuts

Someone at NPR finally noticed the connection between the 18,000 jobs/0.1% rise in unemployment and all of the government budget slashing that has been going on.  For a real heads-up, take a look at NASA.  Pretend that the government is shutting down the space program as part of the trillions of dollars of budget cuts […]

The best way to fight corporate education reform: New Triple Strength Prozac for Teachers

With education boiled down to illiteracy, teachers are finding that what was once a profession is now serfdom.  The pharmaceutical corporations that brought you ‘boner pills’, anti-depressants and other research marvels, now have a new market to target for their ‘suicide drugs': the disenfranchised teacher.  Take a look at the sardonic Youtube video that makes this […]

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker prevented from speaking in Chicago

The Occupy Chicago movement prevented Scott Walker from speaking at a business breakfast November 3rd in Chicago. Take a look. Governor Scott Walker Not Allowed to Speak at Chicago Business Breakfast To view Walker’s humiliation you can go to:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KET6XK1E4CQ

Perrotta's "The Leftovers": Speculative Fiction and the Human Condition

Nora Durst finds herself at the intersection of something routinely normal for middle-class Americans living in the comfort of suburbia and distinctly otherworldly at the same time in Tom Perrotta’s The Leftovers, his newest novel venturing into speculative/ dystopian fiction. Visiting the mall with her sister during the Christmas season, Nora confronts the sudden disappearance […]

Private ownership of the educational means of production

The language of double speak invented by those who own the means of educational production has now become the commercialized language of the masses. As technology in education progresses faster than the moral development of the social relations of educational production, we can expect that language will also change to reflect the commercialized interests of […]

Massive Budget Cuts to Maryland Education (Video and Interviews)

http://blip.tv/file/4870126 On March 10, 2011 Your World News had the opportunity to attend the Mass Rally at the Maryland State Capitol where thousands of teachers, parents, students as well as community members were protesting the Massive Proposed Budget Cuts (94 Million Dollars) to Maryland State Education. 15 million of that, alone, will come from Baltimore […]

Another look at Red/Blue

A Red state and a Blue state, it is interesting to look at some differences.  Florida is trying to pass an Arizona style illegal immigrant law.  It would not stand a chance in California.  In California one finds storefronts offering medical marijuana.  In Florida there are storefronts that offer “pain meds” under the guise of […]

Veterans for Peace Protest at the White House

This is a very powerful presentation. Naturally, those in power do not want us to hear from these Veterans. Please take a few minutes to listen, and then, please spread the news.

Cathie Black: 'No experience necessary - only free market resume needed'

From: The Desk of: Kobi Abayomi Asst. Professor ISYE-Statistics Georgia Tech This shit is all around criminal. City schools chancellor nominee Cathie Black insists she’s connected to public education via a highly touted charter school - but a close look shows she’s had no contact with students, parents or teachers there. Officials at the Harlem […]