Project Censored Covers Women and Gender Issues Year Round

Kate Raphael host for Women’s Magazine radio show on KPFA January 3, reported that Project Censored didn’t notice Women and Gender stories in 2010. Actually we had extensive coverage of women and gender news during the past year.  The quote on the KPFA program website states that,  “On Project Censored’s Top 25 list for 2010, […]

Daily Censored First: Grassroots Media Pushes Corporate Coverage

On August 14, I published “Chief Judge of 9th Circuit: ‘1984 is here,’ especially for poor”,  two days after a ruling of the 9th Circuit Court, which essentially legalized warrantless wiretaps on cars – even if it’s in a person’s driveway (Well, that is, unless that person lives in a gated community).  Chief Judge Alex […]

Sarah Palin: Feminist Hero

She was posing for the cover of Runner’s World magazine. It never occurred to Sarah Palin, when she leaned on a disheveled American flag and held up two Blackberries to the camera, that her legs peeking out from those running shorts would end up on the cover of Newsweek. On her Facebook page, Sarah Palin […]