Massacres and PTSD

By Saul Landau Western media has focused attention on Sgt. Robert Bales’ background. He allegedly murdered 16 Afghan civilians, 9 of them children, near Kandahar. After the bloodbath, Bales returned to his base and confessed. The media delved into Bales’ childhood, his marriage, and even his role on the high school football team. Reporters underlined […]

The Accomplices to Murder

Since those who support Israel’s attack on Gaza cannot appeal to international law, they have to rely on arguments from analogy. We demonstrated two weeks ago the deeply dubious and shallow nature of those analogies. But we can create our own analogy to add to the international law arguments we made last week condemning both what Israel is doing and how they are doing it.

Media Fans The Flames in Mumbai Massacre

In another case of “Media Gone Wild”, we can see that Indian news reporting looks a little similar to something we have in the states.  Nothing like a little Fox News over-reporting, over exaggerating, and plain making stuff up Indian style.   Christain Science Monitor,  By Daniel PepperMUMBAI, INDIA - Emerging from decades of government […]