World War III: The 'resources' war

As the media deals with erruptions in the Middle East and elsewhere as so many bee bees in a bag what is overlooked is that the US has been and is now involved in World War Three. Actions in Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan and more can only be seen under the umbrella of a […]

How Can We Tell In What Direction We Are Headed, If We Don't Know Where We Have Been?

We have all been there at one time or another.  You are watching a TV show, sitting in your favorite chair.  Maybe it was not as exciting as it promised to be.  Inevitably, however, you fall asleep.  Eventually you wake up and an entirely different show is displayed as you attempt to reorient yourself.  As […]

US Elections

Tuesday’s election results should be seen in their historical context. The general political set-up in the US is as follows: The most powerful sector of the US capitalist class is finance capital (“Wall Street”). Other powerful sectors include the military/industrial complex with manufacturing a distance behind. Through political donations mainly at the national level, as […]

The Election and Need to Hold Government Employees Accountable.

Although to some the “sound and fury” of this November 2010 election is important to getting change, citizens are beginning to realize that to bring meaningful protection for our Republic, they must act to demand that when their respective Congressman/Senator return to the Beltway that there is compliance with the mandate to control expenditures  and operations. Quire, […]

Your Future, in 500 words or less.

I get it that everyone is hurting.  I get it that people’s houses are dropping in value.  I get that people are frightened that they will lose their job or they already have.  I get that people are living in near despair.  I get that people are not happy that the current administration has not […]

It's High Time Hillary Passed Out Lollipops In This Country

Our Secretary of State, H.R. Clinton just promised another one half billion dollars in aid to Pakistan “Aboard her plane from Pakistan, Clinton said U.S. efforts to convince deeply skeptical Pakistanis that American interest in their country extends beyond the fight against Islamist militants appeared to be gaining ground. To boost that shift, she announced […]

The Joke's On YOU

I guess my critics are right.  There are some things that I do not understand.  I mean, I just read that Australia has raised its birth rate to 1.77 by paying a $3,000 baby bonus to mothers upon the successful birth of their child.  While Australia’s birth rate is lower than the US, their population […]

Obama’s Nuclear Policy, the Military-Industrial Complex and Finance Capital

In 1962 I was a high school student in New York City when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened. I used to wake up every morning wondering if this was to be my last day. One day at the height of that crisis, I was sitting in my English Literature class when an ambulance went by […]