Privatizing Education in China The Politics eZine - Privatization

In this article Samuel Mao tracks the growth of neo-liberal education in China.  Since this time, the criminal syndicate and blood bank for the Washington Post, Kaplan University has made inroads into the country ( ( Kaplan University, as readers know, is one of the largest on-line educational rip-offs in the US and England and […]

New IMF Chicago Plan Video: Stripping Banks of Their Power

Last October two International Monetary Fund (IMF) economists (Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof), created a firestorm with their working paper The Chicago Plan Revisited. The document revives a proposal first put forward by professors Henry Simons and Irving Fisher in 1936 during the Great Depression. Fisher, like many modern economic thinkers, was extremely concerned about […]

Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine” and the Crisis of Capitalism

It has been three years since Naomi Klein’s book, “The Shock Doctrine – The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” was published. Since that time, capitalism’s economic crisis has metastasized, and part of Klein’s analysis has proven extremely useful in understanding much of the response of the capitalist politicians. Another part of her analysis has also been […]

Leonard J. Martin for State Superintendent of Public Instruction of California

There is an alternative to the corporate candidates in the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in the upcoming California primary elections. Not just a candidate who isn’t entirely beholden to corporate interests, including the lucrative charter-voucher industry, but a candidate with a progressive platform. That candidate is Leonard J. Martin of Santa Clarita. […]

Dereliction of Derivatives and the deliquescence of Harvard

Harvard’s billions and the coming economic meltdown Larry Summers, the Obama administration economic advisor could be responsible for unilaterally destroying the Harvard University endowment fund (Harvard Corporation) as a result of the Milton Friedman market advice he gave the Harvard fund’s management during his awful tenure as Harvard University president from 2002 to 2006. Summers, […]

De'Von Burt, Detroit student leader, speaks out!

I don’t agree with the ideology of charter schools and what they can do. I have been a proud BAMN student organizer in BAMN for at least 8 months now (since October, 2009 and present) and I’m doing my best to defend public education. Another thing about BAMN is that they support student activism; I do also!

Jon Stewart, Dylan Ratigan: videos to understand financial & banking corruption, obvious structural solutions

2 videos at source. The last professional polling numbers show that the most knowledgeable of Americans watch Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. The following two brief videos of Stewart and financial analyst Dylan Ratigan walk people through what is now disclosed legal investigation of the dark core of Wall Street financial fraud. Salute to my friend, […]


As the privatization of education moves with unprecedented zeal, under the blind eyes of the nation’s corporate media, more and more one can begin to see the ideological threats to American students and American social culture.  As Texas wrangles with new textbooks that substitute John Calvin for Thomas Jefferson, many corporate charter chains are now […]

Public Humiliation of Children as Education Policy

Once again Paul A. Moore says it quite succinctly in what follows in his essay on Florida and the FCAT tests. The new assembly line of despair we now call education in this country is exposed in dynamic terms by Paul for what it is — a nightmarish form of Dickensian public policies that harken […]

SNL Presidents skit: unregulated banks rip people off. It’s time for the obvious solutions

video live at source, and opportunity to engage in comments with government PSYOPS/COINTELPRO/Operation Mockingbird: Funny or Die stated the obvious in their SNL Presidents’ reunion to promote consumer protection regulation: banksters have trillions of dollars, are not regulated and rip us off, and it’s time for public and political leadership to take them on. […]