Oakland and another charter school scam: The Institute of Medical Education

OAKLAND — Matt Krupnick journalist for the Contra Costa Times San Jose Mercury News reported that in a new state bureau’s first major test, government regulators argued Thursday of this week that a judge should shut down the Institute of Medical Education (http://www.mercurynews.com/health/ci_20909096/close-medical-schools-san-jose-oakland-campuses-state). At an administrative hearing that could stretch into September, Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Tsukamaki […]

What this country needs is a socially conscious Sarah Palin.

With all her talk of not retreating but reloading, her cross-hairs, etc., the socially conscious in this country need a “Sarah Palin” behind whom they can unite.  I can hear Brando crying out, “S T E l l A a a a a a!”  We need a leader. David Brooks, Op-Ed columnist for the N […]

An open letter to Reverend Eric Lee in response to his suggesting I'm misrepresenting him

These gentlemen wrote me, I believe in response to a recent article I penned called Discussing School Privatization, Propositions 25 and 24 with Inglewood residents. I only mentioned the Reverend in passing. The article was much more focused on poverty pimps and privatization pushers like Shirley Ford of the so-called Parent Revolution, which is a […]