Lumina Foundation: working to reduce and standardize regulations: More on Obama's Race to the Top for higher ed

According to InsideHighered, online, from April 6, 2013: “The Lumina Foundation is putting $2.3 million behind a growing effort to reduce the regulatory burden on institutions that offer online courses to students across state lines, according to the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education” ( Four regional commissions, including WICHE, and a number of other […]

Community college presidents team up with the Lumina Foundation and Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce to rapidly privatize the colleges under Obama’s 20/20 plan

Photo of the arrogant face of privatization: James Merisotis, president of the Lumina Foundation Take a look at how the philanthropists like Lumina and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others, smuggle themselves, stealth like, into every nook and cranny of civil society. Photo of the public face of privatization: Eloy Ortiz Oakley, President […]

Capitalist MOOC Revolution Hits the Universities “There is a new world unfolding,” said Reif, “and everyone will have to adapt.”

The capitalist class is now making the money they have dreamed of off the destruction of education.  Massive Open Online Classes MOOCS) have now arrived and the capitalist class, represented below by sophist Thomas Friedman, explains how working people must adapt to the dummying down of technological learning.  Another world is possible and the capitalists […]

Cyber ‘earning’ the big enchilada

Cyber ‘earning’ the big enchilada I posted what you will read below back in 2009 but now that Verizon is joining the multi-billion dollar educational fray ( as well as the newly created Rupert Murdoch’s ‘educational’ division headed by Joel Klein, cyber learning from K-16 and beyond is the new venture plan and has been […]

"The Digital Disruption - Technology & Economics for the 99%"

Originally published at Occupy.Com by Peter Brown Peter Brown teaches Manufacturing Technology at Laney College in Oakland. This was developed from a YouTube Peter did that you can find at: Also, check out Peter’s blog at: Or at Facebook; Robotic automation is a subject we rarely hear mentioned in all the […]