NATO’s War on Libya is a Progaganda Fest

By Peter Phillips Cynthia Mckinney is on a Truth Tour describing the corporate media lies regarding NATO’s intervention in Libya. The British are bragging about their special forces leading the rebels. Several thousands NATO airstrikes have taken place. And the western oil companies are lining up for their share of the spoils. Imperialism continues under […]

The Mosque of Misdirection

By Lew Brown In May of 2010 blogger Pamela Geller, a particularly strident former editor of the New York Daily News and Associate Publisher of rich boy local rag the New York Observer began to shrilly complain, about the renovation of a defunct factory a couple of blocks away from the stinking hole that still […]

Ground Zero Intolerance

By Will Shonbrun The controversy over a Muslim community center and mosque being constructed in close proximity to the WTC’s “Ground Zero” is an exercise in bigoted illogic. The argument goes: It was people of the Muslim faith that perpetrated the horrific murders of thousands and therefore a mosque near that site is an affront […]

Re: Obama’s decision to back the mosque

I am not a big fan of organized religion.  I do not care for Islam because of its misogynistic stances and the fact that I am considered an infidel—not really small issues.  But, I also believe in religious freedom as one of the most important tenets of this country’s foundation.  I am also not a […]