Portland Police Confiscate Childhood Dream

When he was a kid, Dan Kaufman had a vision: A sound system on a tricycle. It seemed like a silly notion, but it had a powerful effect on him. He had no idea if such a thing was possible, but – what a dream it was. Dan grew up – well, sorta – and […]

YouTube Pulls Down Controversial Rihanna Video Over Questionable Copyright Claim

By guest blogger Josh Wolf You Tube pulled R&B singer Rihanna’s latest music video from her official VEVO channel early Friday afternoon citing a copyright claim from the RIAA. The video has come under fire by family values activists over its violent narrative that tells the story of the singer shooting dead the man who […]

Podcast: teaching critical thinking skills for civic education

source: Carl Herman, Examiner.com Dr. James Fetzer interviewed me on his radio show and podcast, The Real Deal, in discussion of the central problems and solutions of the US economic crisis. The interview is here (you can fast-forward through commercials and music that covers local program information). The printed article and classroom lesson on teaching critical thinking […]

Carl Franzoni Davis: An oral history of the 1960's and the city of Cotati to be aired on Channel 30, public TV, and Channel 26 in Santa Rosa, California

The picture is of Vito, Leslie and Carl The musical ‘album’ entitled, ‘Freak Out!’ was a double LP by the Mothers of Invention.  The first song on the album, ‘Hungry Freaks, Daddy’, was written for someone named Carl Orestes Franzoni who, according to Zappa’s liner notes, “is freaky down to his toe nails (sic). Someday […]

The Democratic Illusion

The Democratic Illusion By: Solomon Comissiong The illusion of democracy within the illegitimate borders of America continues to psychologically obfuscate masses of US citizens. Just as people who are strung out on opiates begin to hallucinate imaging a “reality” that simply does not exist, so too are most Americans as they continue believing that their […]