Let’s say you can go as fast as you want to legally.  What legal activity would you be doing that would require you to drive from 0 to 60 in than 3 seconds, 120 mph in 9 seconds, or go over 200 mile per hour.  Not driving an ambulance, you cannot do that safely, in […]

Pencils or Pitchforks?

Turnarounds can be a real bicce and maybe it’s time.  According to a recent Washington Post article, the top 2% spent over $80 million dollars on the last election so they could get their $700 billion in tax breaks.  Some might call that a good return. They were allowed to do that because the Supreme […]

The FIX: Let No Crisis Go To Waste

The deficit is a ruse.  First, this deficit was created by the Republicans over the last ten years—Yes, ten years.  They used the war to create an endless pit and spent like crazy with the bulk of the money going to their friends.  Then they used the last two years to prevent anyone from doing […]

The Trouble with Social Security

Social Security is in trouble, but to fix it, we need to fix (the) U.S.  Yes, us, the United States.  We (U.S.) are broken and when we fix U.S. we will automatically fix Social Security.  The N Y Times’ story got it almost right. The facts are correct but the conclusions are wrong.  Care must be taken NOT to see the […]

You Can Forget About Health Care

Democrats Seeking to Push Health Bill Through House By David M Herszenhorn  and Robert Pear   January 18, 2010 WASHINGTON — The White House and Democratic Congressional leaders, scrambling for a backup plan to rescue their health care legislation if Republicans win the special election in Massachusetts on Tuesday The N Y Times has it all […]

Angry About the Handling of H1N1? Consider This…

As a person who is over 65 and at some risk due to a health condition, I was initially angry when I was told that kids and pregnant women were given priority.  I said to my self, “Is this is the best we can do when we know something is coming?” I read a letter […]