The illusion of reform: supervisors continue to mistreat workers at the University of Maryland

As University President Wallace Loh sees it, his administration’s recent release of a report investigating alleged workplace abuse should be enough to extinguish the complaints of disgruntled employees that have emerged across the campus the last several months. But to a bevy of others — employees and their representative organizations, student groups and this editorial […]

The University of Maryland Workers' Rights Coalition Demands an end to Workplace Sexual Abuse, Racial Discrimination & Disrespect

The past several months have marked the University of Maryland (College Park), with turmoil, struggle, pain, and solidarity. This all stems from the reprehensible climate of racial discrimination, sexual abuse and mistreatment that many employees are met with each time they step on campus. Most of these employees are housekeepers, custodial staff, and facilities workers. Many […]

Fourth Solidarity Forum for Workers Rights and Respect at University of Maryland took place on July 15th: workers and students gather to organize

As I wrote at on July 7th, 2011: “In recent months, University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) facilities employees (custodial staff, housekeepers, groundskeepers, facilities workers, etc.)  have likened their work conditions to those of a “plantation” and “Nazi camp.” One UMD employee stated: “I’m surprised someone hasn’t come in with a gun or a […]

University of Maryland employees come forward with allegations of racial and sexual discrimination, abuse and verbal degradation

  The saga involving the abuse of workers at the University of Maryland goes on without promise for remedies.  Below you will find the latest issues regarding the degradation of workers and the demands made. The situation is very bad at the ‘university’ and although a ‘committee’ has been convened by the managerial elite much […]

Workers at the University of Maryland say, "Don't mourn, organize" — Emergency Rally for UMD Worker’s Rights!

On March 31, the UMD student newspaper, the Diamondback, wrote an article based on an anonymous letter from a non-exempt University Employee describing the work environment on campus as a “Nazi camp” and a “plantation.” “We are made to feel like idiots,” the letter said. “Our opinions are null and void, our days are as […]