The Chilean dictatorship used chemical weapons on their own people: September 11, 1973 and the rise of the US backed terrorist regime of Augusto Pinochet in Chile

Americans remember well the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York.  Not only was the attack used by politicians and the corporate media to justify an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it was also a symbolic platform for the emergence of the neo-American ‘patriots’ who saw an opportunity […]

Challenging Structural Racism in New York City Schools: Horatio Alger, RIP — Why Korean immigrants succeed

There is a link between the state and the interests of capitalists. …The state, especially in organizing and directing the educational system, trains bureaucrats, technicians, executives and workers for the economy…the state’s educational system does not merely train personnel in the skills required for production. The ideological structure necesssary to maintain the hierarchy and absolutism […]

The Crisis of the European Welfare State

The United States failed to replace the ‘welfare state’ with ‘participatory democracy’.  Thus, we in the US are and have been seeing the destruction of the gains made under FDR as the ‘New Deal’ has been and is under attack. In the following article, Asbjørn Wahl, from Norway, remarks on the destruction of the European […]


This was written fourteen years ago before NCLB and he criminal Bush presidency.  I post it now in the interest of ciritcal debate and dialogue. WORLD CLASS STANDARDS?: WHOSE WORLD, WHICH ECONOMIC CLASSES AND WHAT STANDARDS? If educational goals and core values are developed by a few  educators in isolation from their communities, no matter how […]

Student Loan Asset Backed Securities and the $1 trillion dollar student loan debt

“In times of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the radio show Clearing the FOG - Speaking truth to expose the forces of greed. The show originates from Washington DC on 1480 AM. The issue that was addressed was […]

GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE - Resisting the increasing Commercialization and Financialization of Education WHY strike together GLOBALLY? It’s the SAME SHIT EVERYWHERE!! People worldwide are struggling against: Massive staff cuts and budget cuts Privatisation and commercialisation of education De-democratisation within schools and universities Tuition fees hike Increasing pressure to perform Increasing influences of ‘private economic actors’ on teaching and research Let’s connect and unite in the struggle […]

Charter Schools Exacerbate ethnic, racial and class divisions while feeding into a politics of public metldown,deracination and alienation

In 2009 I posted this article understanding that charter schools would have the pernicious effect of using identity, religious and ethnic tribalism, race, class and gender to cement the popularity of the publicly subsidized and privately run ‘charters’ in the minds of a deracinated public that fails to think democratically or understand the role of […]

Michigan: The Shock Doctrine

  Michigan Schools facing bankruptcy: The Shock Doctrine at play More than 150 school districts and charter schools in Michigan are teetering on the edge of going broke, a situation that is likely to get worse under Governor Rick Snyder’s proposed budget cuts of $470 per pupil. These are the districts that have been so […]

JORDAN BRINGS THE HEART OF A MARKETER TO CBS-TV: ONE ON ONE: CEO OF PARENT WESTINGHOUSE HAWKS ‘VALUE’ MESSAGE, 1997 Where is the value? The interview was published: From Adage — February 03, 1997 According to Adage, in 1997: “It remains to be seen if Michael Jordan, chairman-CEO of Westinghouse Electric Corp., will become an […]