Teacher Layoffs Make Way for School Privatization

As he begins his second term, Obama’s school privatization agenda is chugging along at full steam. Citing the Department of Labor’s monthly employment report, the World Socialist Website reveals that 11,000 public school teachers were laid off in December 2012. This brings total teacher lay-offs since 2008 to 300,000. The layoffs are consistent with Obama’s […]

*Parents in 59 Schools Boycott Field Tests for High-Stakes Exams:* *Fed Up With Over-Testing, Parents Protest at Pearson Headquarters for Child Abuse- Parents say less testing more teaching

The British corporate child abusers, Pearson Inc., are intent on turning schools into laboratories  and labyrynths for testing kids.  Stealing childhood is nothing to these mendacious and rapacious corporations and Pearson is among the worst. Teachers know this, so do children for they are under the spotlight of Pearson’s grueling third degree they call testing.  Parents […]

The “Quiet Revolution”: Charter Schools flex their muscles with the help of despicable reporting in the Los Angeles Times

Uncritically accepting that standardized tests have anything to do with learning and teaching is of course the underlying assumption behind the story about charter schools in the Los Angeles Times. Reporters, Landsberg, Smith and Blume accept the premise that students need high-stakes standardized testing one size fits all, in order to become an educated person in today’s society. Of course their definition of an ‘educated person’ is in keeping with calls to “compete with China” and beef up a failing capitalist system beholden to the trans-national corporations. But their bias doesn’t stop their.

Detroit Public Schools: Canary in the Coal Mine of Public Education

What was once a prospering manufacturing city has now been brought to its knees by the policies of neo-liberalism and late stage capitalism. In an article in Time Magazine, September 24, 2009 entitled “Detroit: The death – and possible life – of a great city”, the author, Daniel Okrent states the real problem succinctly: By any quantifiable standard, the city is on life support. Detroit’s treasury is $300 million short of the funds needed to provide the barest municipal services. The school system, which six years ago was compelled by the teachers’ union to reject a philanthropist’s offer of $200 million to build 15 small, independent charter high schools, is in receivership. The murder rate is soaring, and 7 out of 10 remain unsolved. Three years after Katrina devastated New Orleans, unemployment in that city hit a peak of 11%. In Detroit, the unemployment rate is 28.9%. That’s worth spelling out: twenty-eight point nine percent

Can Arne Duncan Fix No Child Left Behind?

Finally. It’s been over 8 years and someone is realizing that while the No Child Left Behind law, passed in 2001, is a great theory, it is ultimately leaving those they were claiming to help in the dust. With the new Obama Administration, thousands of teachers have been crossing their fingers that President Elect Obama […]