Britain: state pension linked to age" The Granny tax

Attacks on working people are happening all around the world, not simply here in the US.  From Greece to Italy, from Portugal to Turkey the mass of the world’s citizens are not only feeling the pinch of plunder, but they are saying they will not take it anymore. Meanwhile, their so called ‘leaders’ work for […]

It Makes Me Feel Dirty.

Here is a thought, the price of Gold has doubled to over $1,300 per ounce.  It is predicted to hit $2,000.  So who can afford gold theses days.  Hmm, I wonder.  Corporations are achieving record profits, even though everybody seems to be laid off.  We know those laid-off folks are not buying the gold. It […]

SNL Presidents skit: unregulated banks rip people off. It’s time for the obvious solutions

video live at source, and opportunity to engage in comments with government PSYOPS/COINTELPRO/Operation Mockingbird: Funny or Die stated the obvious in their SNL Presidents’ reunion to promote consumer protection regulation: banksters have trillions of dollars, are not regulated and rip us off, and it’s time for public and political leadership to take them on. […]