Spain 15M: from angry to action crossing the Sun Door

By Concha Mateos PhD in Social Communication Faculty at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid   Something that looked impossible is happening. A miracle. Could be. But there is no God acting, no holy character. Here there is only human will and the crowd´s wishes. Thousands of people were there, in the same ideas, in […]

Testimony of a charter school mom: Michigan and the National Heritage Educational Management Organization

ONE PARENT’S TALE OF A CHARTER SCHOOL BETRAYAL: Michigan and the National Heritage Academies EMO  By: Gina Davis As I am hearing I am just one of millions of parents all across our country who are having their eyes opened to the fight we all need to get on the band wagon of, for the future […]

Who Says Immigration Is a Crisis?

The crisis that is not a crisis, immigration.  As I understand it, there are two parts to this border crossing thing.  One part is the drug smuggling.  Given the size of the American drug habit, we are looking at convoys of container ships making their way into this country.  We are definitely not talking about […]

The Facebook Danger Nobody Talks About

There are things about your friends you don’t really want to know. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for Facebook, you have probably hesitated for one or more of several reasons. These might include: You’re concerned about Facebook privacy issues you’ve heard about; Social sites have the potential to suck time out of your […]