Lakeview Sit-in Sold Down the River by Local Labor Leaders

By Jack Gerson Jack Gerson is a long time Bay Area activist who up until recently taught in the Oakland Public School System. Shortly before 4am on Tuesday July 3, Oakland Unified School District police, backed by cops from the Oakland Police Department, the Oakland Housing Authority, and the California Highway Patrol, raided the sit-in […]

The Great Classroom Robbery of 2012: Oakland City Schools

The following is by Harold Berlak Harold Berlak is a long time Oakland resident. He holds a masters in teaching and doctorate in educational research from Harvard  He is a fellow at the Education Policy Center in Boulder CO, and author of numerous articles and books on curriculum, educational testing, and assessment policy. 6/23/12 […]

Open Letter: Labor Leaders Support the Lakeview Sit-In and People’s School

Dear Brothers and Sisters,   We are writing to declare our support for the parents, teachers, and community member sit-in and People’s School for Public Education at Lakeview Elementary in Oakland, and to urge full labor support and outreach for this fight to keep all Oakland neighborhood schools open, public, and fully funded, and to […]

Participate in “The People’s School for Public Education” and endorse Oakland's Sit-in

Dear community and supporters, We have managed to hold on to the Lakeview building and grounds for 6 days now!!! We also have been running a free Social Justice based summer program since Monday morning. Each day we have had more students attending. Yesterday there were between 20 and 30 students! For more updates and […]

Testing, one, two, three - Summary of Chavez Education Conference 4/30-5/1/2010

    Well over 300 students, educators, parents and community members attended the sixth annual Chavez Educational Conference held at Fresno State University. Attendees, presenters, and keynotes came from all over California and as far away as Colorado.  Eleven break out session covered the two days- some of which were repeated twice. The Chavez committee […]

Leonard J. Martin for State Superintendent of Public Instruction of California

There is an alternative to the corporate candidates in the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in the upcoming California primary elections. Not just a candidate who isn’t entirely beholden to corporate interests, including the lucrative charter-voucher industry, but a candidate with a progressive platform. That candidate is Leonard J. Martin of Santa Clarita. […]

Report on March and Rally to Defend Public Education and where we go from here in our struggles

Readers- As you know I have spent a great deal of time bringing you the news regarding the efforts of ‘By any Means Necessary’, or BAMN ( and their efforts to stop privatization city by city, but especially in Detroit.  I have done this for the purpose of letting readers know about the struggles against […]

BAMN attorneys representing the elected Detroit Board of Education will ask Judge Wendy Baxter for a preliminary injunction to stop Emergency Financial manager of Detroit and Eli Broad Academy graduate Robert Bobb’s academic plan and school closings.

  Picket and Press Conference Friday, April 16, 1:00 pm City/County Building Woodward & W. Jefferson   Court Hearing, 2:00 pm Room 1421, Judge Wendy Baxter Stop Rob Bobb from Dismantling Public Education in Detroit No More Charters, No School Closings, No Layoffs, No Program Cuts Our Children are NOT For Sale! BAMN, the Detroit Board […]


As the privatization of education moves with unprecedented zeal, under the blind eyes of the nation’s corporate media, more and more one can begin to see the ideological threats to American students and American social culture.  As Texas wrangles with new textbooks that substitute John Calvin for Thomas Jefferson, many corporate charter chains are now […]

“Springtime for America (Again)”

When Ronald Reagan ran for re-election for president in 1984, he declared that it was “springtime for America”. He should have said it was “springtime for Corporate America.” Under his administration and those that followed, Corporate America and the world wide capitalist class increased its domination of the world, seemingly without an equivalent resistance from […]