It won’t start like other “civil wars.” It will start by this or that poor person killing the first rich person that puts a “face” to the frustration that the “little guy” is feeling. It might be a local banker or just someone driving a Porsche. The poorest of the 99%, who have nothing to […]

The far right wing is now moving quickly: Michigan Orders Detroit Public Schools to Cuts Costs, Close Schools by 2013, increase class size of high schools to 60

A picture of a Detroit school computer lab with relatively modern hardware. Thieves have removed any precious metals from the CPUs and monitors, rendering them worthless Michigan state education officials have ordered the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, Robert Bobb,  to immediately implement a plan that balances the district’s books by closing half […]

There Must Be Something In The Water

“Survival, How Hard Can It Be? Part 2″ was going to be the name of this installment.  However, I see that someone else on “Daily Censored” also appears to be calling for a revolution of sorts… Yesterday I wrote about the need to refocus our priorities on us.  Fighting wars, half way around the world, […]

It's Scary Where The Mind Can Run

Oooops, there is another problem with bank foreclosures.  If the water has not been turned off and vandals have not yet broken into the homes to steal the copper plumbing, the pipes could freeze and break.  Ah, but of course, if the people did not pay their bills the water most certainly would be turned […]