Message from BAMN: Florida - Less than 60 hours

Rep. Marco Rubio hits the campaign trail this week on a bus tour across the state. This provides an excellent opportunity to personally inform the U.S. Senate candidate, running against Governor Crist, how you feel about SB-6 and how his views will impact your vote in November.

Human Rights Rides Again?

The State Department echoed by the EU has once again raised the human rights issue to beat up Cuba. In 1959, Fidel Castro declared his independence from the United States – possibly without realizing that punishment could last 51+ years. Even when US national interests are involved, Washington acts petulantly if not downright childishly. Following […]

The Thickening Sickening: charter schools as parasites on a public host

Charter school proponents and defenders like to argue that any charter schools on the ‘fraud and abuse’ chopping block, are just ‘bad apples’ in an otherwise fully transparent, innovative charter system; however the evidence wholly disagrees, pointing to mounting evidence of widespread systematic and institutional abuse from the failure of oversight and full disclosure of business practices, to fraudulent accounting procedures reminiscent of Enron. What are some of the factors that contribute to abuse and fraud within the charter school movement?

The tragedy of stereotypes in America

I purposely did not watch much of the news last night because of the shootings at Fort Hood. As soon as I heard that the shooter, Major Nidal Hasan, was a Muslim, I knew the slant the story was going to take. At first, I was impressed with the fact that the news I did […]

A Mouse is in the Imperial House

Looks like Disney has a new groove in the guise of Shanghai flavored mouse. The going rate for this new look is a measly $3.5 billion. Add 1.3 billion people living in China who are clamoring for mouse droppings – I mean Disney products – and you have the formula for continued financial success for […]