Not quite feudalism, student debt is a peculiarly capitalist form of social control by Chris Maisano Janet Lynn Parker is a middle-aged elementary school art teacher from Arkansas. She graduated in 1991 from Arkansas State University with a degree in art education and $25,000 in student loan debt. Unable to find a job in her field of study, she bounced around from job to job until 1999, […]

Dept. of Education breaks down Stockton man's door looking for his wife for delinquent student loans

  Debt peonage is now turning into debt prison for many.  In what follows below see what happens if you do not pay your student loans.  The Department of Education is sending SWAT Teams as collection agencies for the government who gladly and frivolously gave the loans out to banks they call ‘schools’.   With […]

The Struggle for Public Education

This post is sponsored by: everest college online. Recently, Scott Lay, President and Chief Executive Officer Orange Coast College ’94, a community college in California, spoke with the Academic Senate President Jane Patton about governance in these difficult times to trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and students at Delta College in Stockton. Like many community colleges […]